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Welcome to ROCK or SUCK! This section of the site is dedicated to the bands and music we love to love and love to hate.

Here is how it's going to work, Bands are encouraged to send me the following stuff in ONE email:

  • A http link to ONE song that you think best highlights your talent. No music will be hosted by this site...if you want it up here you gotta host it!
  • A link to a band photo-at two sizes (170x133) and (600 x 450)...ONE photo means it's the same photo...no picture..no post on here.
  • A five line description of your band stating: 1. Band name. 2. The genre of music you play (exp. rap, rock, metal) 3. The City and State you're located in. 4. Your influences 5. Two urls of your choice and an email address.
  • Bands will be picked to be put up for play on the 1st of every month.
  • Bands will be positioned on the player and on the polls on a first come first serve basis.
  • Site visitors will be encouraged to vote for the band they like most. Voting will be once every hour and will last for the entire month.
  • The winner of the month will be named on the following month, and all the monthly winners will face off in December to be named Band of the Year.
  • The band with the least amount of votes from each month will compete in a year end contest held in December. The band with the LEAST amount of votes will be named SUCKIEST Band of the Year.
  • Here is the good news if you get 1000 votes in a month and you're still the lowest you are NOT considered a sucky band, and you will not be put in the SUCKIEST Band contest.
  • All the music MUST BE YOUR OWN. You must be in the band to submit it, and your submission means that you are allowing this site to play it without need of licensing.
  • All email sent to us that do not follow the guidelines will be deleted, and any emails sent to any other address at this domain will not be read and deleted.
  • Mr. Badfinger IS NOT responsible if your band sucks and people vocalize that. By submitting to this site you accept anything that might be said about your talent or lack thereof.


You might be asking yourselves "Why the fuck would I want to subject myself and my band to this shit?" Well it's simple, not only will you get valuable input on your music, and a ton of exposure, but there will also be PRIZES. I haven't determined yet what they will be, but whatever I come up with will kick MAJOR ass. It could be instruments, photography, the head lining spot at a kick ass venue, or studio time. I didn't put this contest together to be an asshole, I put it together because I love music. Anyone is open to enter, and it's possible for anyone to win. So go for it...you've got nothing to lose except your anonymity.

Send your submissions to: rockorsuck@mrbadfinger.com

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